Compatibles Explained

Inkjet People - What Are Compatibles?


What are "Compatibles"?

The term "compatibles" means products created by somebody other than the original printer manufacturer. They often cost considerably less than branded goods. Ours all come with a cast-iron guarantee of superb print quality and equal (or higher) page yield - or your money back! There are two types - "remanufactured" and "compatible".

Many inkjet printers (all Lexmarks, most HPs and some Canons) take cartridges that have the print-head (the bit that marks the paper) built in. Original branded goods typically cost between £15 and £45 each, although many of the cheaper models are only half-filled or less. When these cartridges run out of ink they can be professionally recycled - a term known as remanufactured. They are intensively cleaned using high-pressure steam and centrifuge technology, and then refilled with superb quality inks using our pre-programmed touch-screen vacuum chamber machinery. All the ones we offer are fully filled to offer maximum page yield - up to 300% more life than the more expensive originals!!! Remanufactured goods are always test-printed to ensure perfect print quality.

Many cartridges are simply plastic tanks filled with ink, some of which have a silicon chip preventing them from being refilled. Our compatible ink cartridges are made in exactly the same way and produce exactly the same print quality as originals. Because they do not carry a manufacturers' logo they can cost up to 85% less than original branded equipment. These fit almost all Epsons, most Canons, and some Brother and Xerox printers.